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Milwaukee Bearing & Machining is the contract machining company relied on by globally recognized companies for great service, low prices and short lead times for quality babbitt bearings, journal bearings, compressor bearings, pump bearings, motor bearings and other custom bearings, along with contract machined parts. Milwaukee Bearing makes fulfillment of babbitted bearings and machined parts a turnkey operation for our customers. Simply tell us what contract machining or bearings you need and we'll get it done.

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Bearing Manufacturing and CNC Services

Over half a century of bearing manufacturing experience makes Milwaukee Bearing and Machining Inc. your best choice for manufacturing bearings of all sizes and types.  From centrifugal pump bearings and motor bearings to compressor bearings and turbine bearings, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining Inc. has the finest bearing manufacturing facility supplying you with a limitless variety of high quality bearing solutions. Milwaukee Bearing and Machining Inc’s top of the line bearing manufacturing facility is also your unsurpassed source for custom bearing manufacturing, at any scale of production.  From a single custom babbitt bearing to great quantities of custom thrust bearings, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining Inc. provides the highest quality bearings with the best lead times.  Along with top quality bearing manufacturing, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining offers vast array of contract CNC machining services to supply you with the precision CNC machined parts or turbine bearings, bushings, and seals in a timely fashion.

Bearing Manufacturing for a Multitude of Industries

bearing manufacturing for industrial bearingsMilwaukee Bearing and Machining has many years of experience supplying a variety of industries with quality industrial bearing manufacturing . The range of custom bearing manufacturing solutions offered by Milwaukee Bearing and Machining is all due to our top of the line bearing manufacturing and CNC machining facility. With the capability of manufacturing custom bearings from 1.00” in diameter to 80.000”, it’s no surprise Milwaukee Bearing and Machining has served the bearing manufacturing needs of companies in a plethora of industries.  From compressor bearings for companies in the gas and oil industry and babbit bearings and bushings for energy automation to high and low pressure babbited seals for the marine industry and custom machined parts for the mining industry, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining has been the leading custom machining and bearing manufacturing company for decades.

Milwaukee Bearing & Machining has many years of experience serving the bearing manufacturing and contract machining needs of Fortune 500 companies who demand the highest levels of quality in babbitt bearings and machined parts, along with the most competitive prices in the bearing manufacturing industry. No other bearing manufacturer meets Milwaukee Bearing & Machining's standards of quality, efficiency, and personable service in the fulfillment of custom bearings and contract machining. Meeting ISO 9001: 2008 certification requirements that assure you are getting manufacturing from employees that understand the process and work to increase efficiency and quality with sound process.

From the beginning, Milwaukee Bearing & Machining has been committed to providing our manufacturing customers with quality custom bearings & machined parts, competitive pricing and excellent service. Milwaukee Bearing & Machining continues to grow thanks to our customers’ support, our dedicated employees and our ability to constantly adapt to the new demands of an ever changing manufacturing world. From cradle to grave, Milwaukee Bearing & Machining will take on your babbitt bearing or contract machining project. We are a full service facility capable of producing a single custom journal bearing to hundreds of machined parts. From 1.00" diameter to 80.000" in diameter, Milwaukee Bearing & Machining is here to serve your part manufacturing needs.

For fulfillment of custom babbitt bearings, babbitted bushings and seals, motor bearings, compressor bearings, journal bearings, turbine bearings, and all CNC turning, milling and precision machining, Milwaukee Bearing is the best value every time. Milwaukee Bearing & Machining has the machining center for bearings you can use in manufacturing. Get a Free Quote and fast turnaround on your bearing manufacturing or custom machining project.

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