Journal Bearings

Journal Bearings for a Variety of Applications

Milwaukee Bearing and Machining manufactures a wide variety of top quality journal bearings.

Journal bearings consist of a shaft (the journal), which rotates freely in a supporting metal sleeve or shell. Journal bearings don’t feature rolling elements (like a ball bearing). These bearings are compact and lightweight with a high load-carrying capacity. Journals are designed in a plain configuration with a flange to accommodate various radial loads. This type of plain bearing is also known as a radial or sleeve bearing, often used in crankshafts. Plain bearings are one of the most cost-effective bearing choices.

Journal bearings are very versatile and used in a wide variety of industries, including:

    Journal Bearings
  • Agricultural - tractor wheels, hay baler rolls, discs on tillage equipment and transmission gears
  • Aerospace - high temperature and water resistant plain bearings for aircraft components
  • Construction and Mining - kingpins, rock shafts, hinges, differentials, pedals and other pivot points
  • Food Processing - bearings for compressors
  • Municipal
  • Oil and Gas Production - bearings for compressors
  • Railroads - friction and roller bearings for freight-car trucks
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We manufacture custom journal bearings to meet your exact specifications. Learn more about journal bearings and other different types of bearings in our bearing breakdown page.


Superior Quality Journal Bearings

Milwaukee Bearing and Machining consistently produces top quality bearings. Milwaukee Bearing has been manufacturing top quality Babbitt lined bearings for over 50 years. We use the most current design software available to guarantee all parts we produce are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our high precision, large capacity machine shop will meet all of your bearing and precision machining needs. No job is too large or too small for our skilled team of engineers.

What are the Benefits of Journal Bearings?

Any time you’re using bearings, you’re pushing for increased work, velocity, and performance in completing a task. Journal bearings are used alongside lubricants to deliver the best performance possible in any machine. There are many advantages of using journal bearings, including:

1.     It allows for high loads to be taken care of without human labor, including high velocities.

2.    Increased durability of the machine.

3.    Noise and vibrations from machine are reduced.

4.    Lubricants paired with bearings can help remove heat and debris from the machinery.

It’s clear that having a journal bearing can only benefit its user. Journal bearings can be used in motors, pumps, engines, turbos, blowers, and crankshafts. These specific bearings don’t work for all applications and do rely on lubricants, but can help make any rotating machinery improve its productivity and efficiency. (Turbines, steamboat engines, etc.) 

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