Wisconsin Babbitt Bearing Manufacturer Supplies High-Quality Custom Bearings

Milwaukee Bearing & Machining Provides Quick & Affordable Babbitt Bearing Repair & Replacement 

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Babbitt bearings are the most popular white metal on the market. Due to their specific combination of alloys, Babbitt bearings wear efficiently to create a path for lubrication of the bearing surface. Our Milwaukee Babbitt bearings are engineered to wear gracefully for easy repair and replacement.

Over the decades, our Milwaukee Bearing & Machining professionals have perfected their Babbitt bearing expertise. We are committed to adapting to new changes in the industry to match our customers with the best bearings for their project.

Bearings Caster Manufacturer Milwaukee Wisconsin

No matter what alloys you need, our Milwaukee Babbitt bearing experts will pair you with a metal grade of similar or equal ability:

• Durite

• Grade 11

• Grade 13

• Grade 4

• Heavy Pressure

• Nickel Genuine

• No. 1

• Royal

• Super Tough

At Milwaukee Bearing & Machining, we continuously adjust our contract machining methods to remain a top Babbitt bearing manufacturer. We have expanded our services to include ball bearings, centrifugal pump bearings, journal bearings, thrust bearings and more.

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Milwaukee Babbitt Bearing Supplier Helps Complete Projects in Wisconsin, the Midwest & Beyond 

Milwaukee Babbitt Bearings

Based in Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee Bearing & Machining is a trusted Babbitt bearing supplier for Wisconsin, the Midwest and all across the globe. Whether your project is in Chicago, Illinois, Columbus, Ohio or overseas, our experienced Babbitt bearing manufacturers can supply you with high-quality bearings made of lead (Pb), copper (Cu), or tin (Sn).

Bearings Caster Manufacturer Milwaukee Wisconsin

Our facility is clean and fully equipped to efficiently manufacture and ship the Babbitt bearings you need to complete your project. Whether you need a single Babbitt bearing replaced or require a bulk delivery, our Wisconsin contract machining professionals give you the best bearings at affordable prices.

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