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plated bushings, babbitt bearings, compressor bearings, low pressure seals, ball bearingsMilwaukee Bearing & Machining has over 50 years of experience in babbitted bearing manufacturing. Milwaukee Bearing & Machining offers high quality half shell, split journal and segmented babbitted bearings. With state of the art capabilities for centrifugally casting babbitted bearings up to 54" diameter in a modern machining environment you only get quality from Milwaukee Bearing. Bearing alloys are cast on the outside diameter, inside diameter or both surfaces if required. (Tolerances to .0005" (.0127mm) are maintained.)

Milwaukee Bearing Manufactures Custom Bearings for Any Industry

We manufacture custom bearings, including:

One piece orders or orders of several hundred are addressed by utilizing CNC machining methods. All bearing shell material, cast iron, steel, aluminum and bronze can be processed in Milwaukee Bearing & Machining’s manufacturing facility. Electro-chemical cleaning of all cast iron bearings is performed to insure the bond between the bearing backing and the babbitt. All babbitted bearings are ultrasound tested to assure 100% bond of the babbitt to the backing material.


In addition to the babbitted bearings, Milwaukee Bearing can also meet your bronze bushing needs. Learn more about bearings with our all about bearings page.

Contact the babbitted bearing manufacturers at Milwaukee Bearing and Machining online or call 800-438-1101 for Babbitted Bearings - Pump Bearings - Motor Bearings ~ Quality Tested - Experience Proven!

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