Wisconsin CNC Turning, CNC Milling and High Precision CNC Machining

Milwaukee Bearing and Machining specializes in the production of bearings, bushings, and seals for all industrial applications. We are a full service facility offering quality part machining varying in range from a single common Babbitt bearing to hundreds of custom CNC machined parts. While maintaining our commitment to low prices and fast lead times, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining manufactures quality parts with a precision to meet the latest demands of the manufacturing world.

From our quality manufactured featured parts to custom CNC machined components, Milwaukee Bearing and Machining fulfills all your manufacturing needs. Call Milwaukee Bearing and Machining at 262.783.1100 for more information on a featured CNC part or a CNC machined component making your equipment function optimally. 

Milwaukee Bearing can handle your CNC Turning and CNC Milling needs up to 80" in diameter. Machined parts for Compressors, Mining Equipment, Generators, Electric Motors, Industrial Pumps, Land Based Power Generation, and Marine Industries.

Bearings Caster Manufacturer Milwaukee Wisconsin

Contact Wisconsin bearing manufacturer for all your component manufacturing needs. 

Featured Parts (click to enlarge)
Rock Crusher Bowl Ring
Machining Information
Diffuser Inlet, Waspaloy Material
Shaft Seal, Replaceable Knife Edge Seals
Damper Spider for Marine Diesel Engine
Spark Erosion Grinding of Turbine Seal
Machining of a Counterweight for the Mining Ind.
Machining of the Variable Pitch Vane for Turbine Engine.
Compressor Impeller
Motor Bearing Adapters
Oil and Gas Seals for Gas Turbine
Oil and Gas Seal for Gas Turbine
Electric Motor Insulated Bearing Adapters
Spider for a Synchronous Motor Rotor used in Mining, as Machined, and then Installed
Gas Turbine Honeycomb Seal