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Aluminum Steady Rest for Contract Machining

Aluminum steady rest offers extra support for machining of ball bearings ranging from 1” to 80” in diameter to serve virtually any industry’s needs. Aluminum steady rests are useful for turning long bars or tubing to prevent the stock from deflecting. A standard rule among machinists is to use a steady rest when the stock protrudes three times its diameter from the lathe chuck.

Our aluminum steady rests are extremely useful for ensuring your machinery properly functions, increasing your production capabilities. Save a fortune on machinery repair and downtime costs when you use aluminum steady rests and custom bearings from Milwaukee Bearing and Machining. Our trained bearing manufacturers provide a wide range of bearings and compressors for countless industries. Contact Milwaukee Bearing and Machining at 1-800-438-1101 for quality aluminum steady rests, Wisconsin bearing manufacturing, and CNC machining.