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Milwaukee Bearing and Machining is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

This certification means every Milwaukee Bearing and Machining shop employee accepts responsibility, ISO_Certified_Logo.jpgand is responsible for the quality of what they produce, with support from all other disciplines. Our bearing manufacturing team manufactures quality babbitt bearings, compressor bearings, and many other precision machined bearings along with quality driven precision contract machining services.

 quality improvement Flow Chart

Quality Assurance Bearing Manufacturing and Contract Machining

Our Quality Assurance group provides the training, technical support, and evaluative resource to support the employee in their goal to “produce a quality part first time every time”. Milwaukee Bearing and Machining is your source for quality bearing manufacturing and contract machining for babbitt bearings, Kingsbury bearings, compressor bearings, roller bearings, turbine bearing seals, and more quality bearing manufacturing.

Our IRR (Issue Resolution Report) system initiates the activities necessary to address and resolve non-standard matters toward a permanent and efficient solution and provides the Employee with an understanding and awareness of quality within the company and into their specific area.

issue Resolution Report Chart
  • Sort – Clear the area of what is NOT needed.
  • Set to Order – Everything in its place.
  • Shine – Define what is clean, make & keep it that way.
  • Standardize – across shifts and personnel ensure that everything is used the same, works the same.
  • Sustain – Visual boards and assessments to help us all “hold the gains” we made in creating this new environment.
quality Assurance Line GraphMilwaukee Bearing and Machining quality Assurance Table

Bearings Caster Manufacturer Milwaukee Wisconsin

For quality bearing manufacturing for babbitt bearings, compressor bearings and contract machining service contact Milwaukee Bearing and Machining.