Conflict Mineral Policy

Milwaukee Bearing and Machining Inc. (MBM) intends to comply with the requirements as stated in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Section 1502) which aims to prevent the use of Conflict Materials.

MBM produces and processes parts utilizing 99% Tin and Babbitt which contains 88-90% Tin (by weight).

MBM, with the cooperation of our Tin and Babbitt supplier, will strive to maintain a process free of Tin originating in conflict areas. The third-party smelter audit source Responsible Minerals Initiative –  (formerly Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative – CFSI) will be used by our Tin and Babbitt supplier as an approval resource for all inbound Primary Tin and Babbitt. Tin and Babbitt will be accepted by our supplier if either:

  • A) the smelter appears on the “Compliant” or “Active” lists found on the RMI website, or 
  • B) if the supplier provides documentation that the smelter is conflict-free.

MBM’s Tin and Babbitt will keep these records on file and are available to customers at any time. 

MBM’s Tin and Babbitt supplier takes the steps listed below to ensure compliance:

  • Upon receipt of Tin verifies that the smelter is “Compliant” or “Active” lists found on the RMI website
  • All Tin is heat lot traceable back to smelter
  • The Chemical Analysis provided to MBM’s references the heat lot provided by the Tin Metal smelter.