Outsourcing CNC Machining

As demand starts to increase, your production needs to increase as well. Not all companies are able to meet the requirements to stay on top of producing high amounts of quality machining parts or even low amounts of a specialized component. The seemingly simple answer to supplying for your demand is hiring a larger staff. To do so, requires time, as well as effective marketing and interviewing to ensure you are reaching the right target market for exceptional applicants. By then, you may be facing a decrease in demand or in today's times a lack of materials.

If you can find the team that you need to help with production, you will also need more or different equipment for them to run. Purchasing new equipment can become expensive, along with needing the space to put it all in. If your manufacturing company does not have the space, you may need to invest in an additional location or even transfer over to a larger building.

The other option to avoid company expansion is outsourcing. To outsource, you are partnering with another company to help you with production. This will require an extensive search to find the right business to partner with. You want to make sure that the other business has experience in the type of work your company requires, has a great reputation and is willing to follow your production needs like create a high-quality product, fully test the parts, deliver orders on time, and provide you with detailed, timely and accurate information. Milwaukee Bearing and Machining is that company for you. For more than 50 years, we have worked with many companies to provide the high-quality, precise products that they need.

We understand the importance of producing a part based on your exact specifications, because your business relies on it. By partnering with us, you will receive our years of experience in contract machining and we have the right equipment to produce the high quality parts that your company requires. Outsourcing specialized parts will help you save time and money when considering purchasing a new location, equipment and hiring additional staff. This means lower labor costs, reduced overhead expenses, greater scalability, increased support for growing demands, maximized process efficiency, ability to focus on your company’s mission and access to industry knowledge.

We specialize in precise machined parts, so contact us today to learn how we can help you with your machining needs.