Siemens Energy Static Seal Project

Our team at Milwaukee Bearing has the knowledge and experience to create your customized parts, from as small as 1 inch to as large as 99 inches. With our various CNC machines, including manual milling machines, lathes, saws, grinders and more, you can rest assured that we can produce your part to your specifications. Each part will go through our extensive quality assurance process, thus ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

This is why when Siemens Energy came to us with a custom static seal design, we were up to the challenge. Our team followed their blueprints to manufacture the highly customized piece that combined multiple smaller parts. This required our team take a creative engineering approach and think outside of the box, in order to create the perfect and precisely machined part for Siemens' needs.

Siemens Energy Static Seal

Turbine Static Seals are used in engines to control the airflow and combustion gas flow within the engine. These seals are static (do not move) and are located between sealing surfaces; therefore cutting down on friction between the surfaces. As this piece is extremely important for the turbine to run properly, it was imperative that our team manufacture this piece to Siemens' exact specifications.

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